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Manufacturing Controls Since 1998
Founded in 1998 by George "Mike" Beck, eControls has designed and manufactured numerous controls, sensors, damper actuators, thermostats, humidistats and zoning panels under private label for many of the leading OEMs supplying zoning products and airflow controls.
Today, we offer a wide line of wireless, wired and WiFi products for new construction and retrofit applications in the residential and commercial markets, including whole house fan controls, direct damper controls, low-cost zoning/airflow controls and sophisticated zoning controls. Developed with the installer and end-user in mind, these products offer advanced programming options yet are easy to install and use, all at an affordable price.
Family owned and operated, eControls takes pride in the products and services that we deliver, as well as the relationships that we have developed with our customers. Our goal is to deliver quality, innovative products at an affordable price. In-house design allows us to work closely with our customers to develop products that meet their needs in an everchanging industry.

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Controls Make The Difference
Controls Make The Difference
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