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The Comfort Problem
In two-story homes, during the cooling season, the upstairs is too hot and during the heating season, the downstairs is too cold.
How the C365T Solves The Problem
Airflow can be increased to the upstairs or downstairs by as much as 60%. The dampers never fully close and the airflow through the equipment remains unchanged.
Eliminates installing bypass duct and damper or setting the closed position on non-calling zone dampers.
Eliminates Bypass
Fewer wires to connect equals fewer wiring errors.
Simple Installation
Automatically directs more conditioned airflow to the area that needs it for a uniformly comfortable home in all seasons. Or, the homeowner can manually direct more airflow to the area desired.
Provides a Comfortable Home
Automatically directs more conditioned airflow upstairs at night and less to the unoccupied downstairs area saving 30% in energy.
30% Energy Savings at Night
Solves the "My upstairs is too hot!" problem
Model R80CTXX
Round Damper, Modulating. 3-Wire connection. XX diameter from 6 to 20 inches.
Model C365T21
Programmable Thermostat with airflow control for 2 zones. Use with GE or HP equipment with 2H/1C or 1H/2C.
Model C365T
Simple, low-cost alternative to zoning. Provides the same comfort as zoning at HALF the cost. Controls temperature and airflow. For Residential New Construction.
The C365T thermostat monitors the downstairs and upstairs temperatures. If there is a difference in temperatures, the thermostat will automatically direct more conditioned airflow to the space that needs it. When airflow is increased upstairs, the upstairs damper remains fully open while the downstairs damper partially closes, forcing more airflow upstairs. When airflow is increased downstairs, the downstairs damper remains fully open while the upstairs damper partially closes, forcing more airflow downstairs.
C365T Thermostat
Installed Downstairs
Modulating 3-Wire Damper Controls Upstairs  Airflow.
Modulating 3-Wire Damper Controls Downstairs  Airflow.
To equipment terminals.
TS510W Wired Temperature Sensor Installed Upstairs
5-7 Wire Tstat Cable
WiFi thermostat provides remote access from anywhere. Plugs onto the same subbase for easy upgrade - no additional wiring.
A Connected Home
Meets Title 24
Tested as a single thermostat installation, reducing HERS testing and eliminating zonal mode HERS failures.
Reduced HERS Testing
2 Wire
Tstat Cable
Model C365T21WF
Programmable WiFi Thermostat with airflow control for 2 zones. Use with GE or HP equipment with 2H/1C or 1H/2C. WiFi App included.
Model TS510W
Indoor Temperature Sensor. 2-Wire Connection.
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C365T11 Installation & User Manual
C365T21 Installation & User Manual
C365T21WF Installation & User Manual
C365T21WF WiFi Set Up
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