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Model iC365, WiFi Airflow Control
Eliminates Zonal HERS testing.
Saves 30% or more energy at night by directing more airflow to the sleeping space.
Directs airflow to where it's needed to evenly condition a home and improve comfort and energy savings.
Provides a uniformly comfortable home by directing more airflow to where it's needed using a smart phone, tablet or PC from anywhere.
About half the cost of zoning.
Includes color-coded plug&play cables to simplify installation.
Operation is independent of thermostat. Homeowner can choose the thermostat desired.
Eliminates installing bypass damper and duct or setting the bypass.
Manual Airflow Wall Control
Model iC365
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iC365 WiFi Module
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Manual Airflow Wall Control for
Manual Airflow Control
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WiFi Airflow Control
Plug&Play, Round, Modulating Dampers
Model R80CJ-06
Model R80CJ-07
Model R80CJ-08
Model R80CJ-09
Model R80CJ-10
Model R80CJ-12
Model R80CJ-14
Model R80CJ-16
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Model R80CJ-20
6 inch Round Damper
7 inch Round Damper
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9 inch Round Damper
10 inch Round Damper
12 inch Round Damper
14 inch Round Damper
16 inch Round Damper
18 inch Round Damper
20 inch Round Damper
Includes 25' Plug&Play Cable
R80CJ Plug&Play Modulating Dampers
iC365 WiFi Airflow Control Module
Ideal for aftermarket.
Phone not included.
Digital Airflow Wall Control for
Automatic or Manual Airflow Control