The Comfort365 is a simple, low-cost solution for
providing upstairs and downstairs comfort in new homes without the hassles of zoning.
Reduces wiring by about 50%
Eliminates bypass damper and ductwork.
No transformer to install & wire.
42 to 57% savings in purchased materials compared to traditional zoning.
No DAT sensor to install & wire.
Material Savings
No zoning panel to install & wire.
Labor Savings
Reduces HERS zoning testing.
A common problem found in two-story homes is the uneven heating and cooling of the upstairs and downstairs. During the summer, the upstairs is too warm. During the winter, the downstairs is too cool. The Comfort365 solves the problem by dynamically adjusting the airflow based on the upstairs and downstairs temperatures.
A Comfort365 thermostat is installed in the living space, one or two wired temperature sensors are installed in the bedroom area and two modulating dampers are installed to control the airflow to the living space and the bedroom space.
Every 2 minutes during heating and cooling calls, the C365 thermostat compares the temperature at the sensor and the temperature at the thermostat. If the temperatures are different, the Comfort365 automatically adjusts the modulating dampers 2% so that more airflow is directed to the space that needs it for a uniformly comfortable home.
How It Works
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Residential New Construction
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Comfort365 Wired Solution
Easily Upgrade to WiFi
The Comfort365 can easily be upgraded to WiFi to provide homeowners with remote access to their home's heating and cooling system. The Comfort365 WiFi version simply
Nighttime Energy Savings
The Comfort365 includes Energy Star nighttime setback temperatures. For additional savings, homeowners can take advantage of the Nighttime Airflow option which uses the temperature sensor in the bedroom area to control heating
Meets Title 24
The Comfort365 has no effect on the HVAC equipment. The equipment operates at its rated airflow and return temperature.
and cooling calls and direct more airflow to the bedroom area at night and less airflow to the unoccupied living area.
plugs into the same subbase - no additional wiring needed. Also, only one Comfort365 WiFi thermostat is required compared to zoning which requires purchasing two WiFi thermostats.
Modern Touchscreen Thermostat
Homeowners will appreciate the modern, touch screen thermostat with high definition LCD display compared to the outdated, non-touch builder grade thermostats used in conventional zoning with small LCD displays.
Programmable Thermostat
Temperature Sensors
Use with GE equipment with 1H/1C.
Use with GE or HP equipment with 2H/1C or 1H/2C.
Use with GE or HP equipment with 2H/1C or 1H/2C, WiFi Enabled.
Temperature sensor for single sensor installations.
Temperature sensor for two sensor installations.
Damper, 3-wire with XX diameter from 6 to 20 inches.
Damper, XX diameter from 6 to 20 inches, actuator sold separately.
Actuator, Modulating, Wired, 24VAC, 2.4VA.
R80CTXX Upstairs
Modulating Damper
R80CTXX Downstairs
Modulating Damper
(1) TS510W or (2) TS520W
Wired Upstairs
Temperature Sensor
C365T11, C365T21 or C365T21WF
Comfort365 Thermostat
Number of wires
(949) 916-0945
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