Model WC365
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WC365 Wireless Airflow Control
Installed on any wall.
PBW Power Board
Installed near equipment.
Modulating Plug&Play Damper Controls Upstairs  Airflow.
Modulating Plug&Play Damper Controls Downstairs  Airflow.
Plug&Play Cables Included
To 24VAC (R and C)
at the equipment.
Up to four dampers can be connected to define a zone
Simple, low-cost wireless alternative to zoning. Provides the same comfort as
zoning at HALF the cost. For Aftermarket and Residential New Construction Markets.
The Comfort Problem
In two-story homes, during the cooling season, the upstairs is too hot and during the heating season, the downstairs is too cold.
When the WC365 is set to 100%, the dampers controlling airflow to the upstairs and downstairs spaces are completely open. When airflow is increased upstairs, the upstairs damper remains fully open while the downstairs damper partially closes, forcing more airflow upstairs. When airflow is increased downstairs, the downstairs damper remains fully open while the upstairs damper partially closes, forcing more airflow downstairs.
How the WC365 Solves The Problem
Airflow can be increased to the upstairs or downstairs by as much as 60%. The dampers never fully close and the airflow through the equipment remains unchanged.
Eliminates installing bypass duct and damper or setting the closed position on non-calling zone dampers.
Eliminates Bypass
Wireless wall control eliminates all wiring within the living space of the home. Mounts on any wall using easy-release adhesive backing. Pre-linked to the power board.
Quick Installation
Directs more conditioned airflow to the area that needs it for a uniformly comfortable home in all seasons.
Provides a Comfortable Home
Direct more conditioned airflow upstairs at night and less to the unoccupied downstairs.
Energy Savings at Night
Operation is independent of thermostat.
Use Any Thermostat
Use with a smart thermostat that has a remote temperature sensor installed upstairs to increase energy savings and comfort at night.
Complements Smart Thermostats
Solves the "My upstairs is too hot!" problem
Model R80CJ-XX
Round Damper, Modulating. Plug&Play connection. XX diameter from 6 to 20 inches.
Includes 25' Plug&Play Cable.
Model WC365-W
WC365 Wireless Airflow Wall Control for 2-Zones and PBW Wireless Power Board. White Case.
Brochure - Contractor
Brochure - Homeowner
Homeowner simply turns the knob to the right to increase airflow upstairs or turns the knob to the left to increase airflow downstairs.
Simple Operation
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