Upstairs is too warm
during the summer.
Downstairs is too cool during the winter.
The Comfort365 works with your existing or new equipment to solve the problem. The Comfort365 thermostat monitors the upstairs and downstairs temperatures and automatically adjusts airflow so that more airflow is directed to the area that needs it for a uniformly comfortable home.
The Comfort365 installation is simple. Your contractor will install a Comfort365 thermostat where your existing thermostat is located. A temperature sensor is installed in the upstairs bedroom space. Dampers that control the airflow to the upstairs and downstairs space are installed in your ductwork.
The Comfort365 Solution
Visit the Comfort365 consumer website for homeowner resources including videos describing the features and outlining the operation of the Comfort365.
Homeowner Features
Nighttime Airflow Option
The Nighttime Airflow Option uses the upstairs sensors to control heating and cooling calls and directs more airflow upstairs while sleeping. To optimize comfort, you can set the desired airflow level in heating and cooling.
Airflow Override Option
The Airflow Override Option enables you to direct more airflow to an area that needs it. For example, during a party, you may want more airflow to the downstairs area. You can easily set the desired airflow, making that area more comfortable and enjoyable.
Remote Thermostat Access
Remotely access your home's heating and cooling system using the Comfort365 WiFi thermostat. Need to upgrade your non-WiFi Comfort365? Not a problem. The WiFi version plugs right into the same subbase as the non-WiFi version.
Contact your HVAC contractor about installing the Comfort365 in your home.
Homeowner Resources
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A common problem found in two-story homes is the uneven heating and cooling of the upstairs and downstairs. During the summer, the upstairs is too warm.
During the winter, the downstairs is too cool.
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