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Whole House Fan Controls
Direct Damper Controls
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42 to 57% material savings over zoning.
Eliminates installing zoning panel, DAT sensor and transformer.
Eliminates installing bypass.
Easy Upgrade to WiFi.
Zoning panels feature plug and play dampers and are a powerful solution for both residential and light commercial at a competitive cost.
For Residential New Construction
and Replacement Applications
Improves Comfort and Saves Energy.
Reduced HERS testing and HERS testing failures eliminated.
For Replacement and
Residential New Construction Applications
Temperature control or built-in timer.
Temperature control improves energy savings by only operating the whole house fan when needed.
Prevents compressor cooling when whole house fan cooling is selected.
Optional temperature sensor in sleeping area controls heating, cooling and whole house fan operation at night.
Controls single or two-speed whole house fans with single or two-speed PSC or ECM motors.
Controls variable speed whole house fans with ECM motors using PWM with speed ramping for quiet operation.
Direct Damper Controls
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For Residential New Construction
and Replacement Applications
Airflow Control
Whole House Fan Control
Economizer Control
Fresh Air and ERV/HRV Control
Humidity Control
30% Energy savings at night.
A simple, low-cost solution for providing upstairs
and downstairs comfort without using zoning.
Whole House Comfort Controls takes the Comfort365 to the next level. With integrated control, homeowners use one control, the Comfort365 thermostat, to control heating, cooling, airflow, econo cooling, fresh air and humidity for a comfortable, energy efficient home at a competitive cost.
Whole House Fan controls that improve comfort and energy savings by using temperature to control the fan rather than a timer.
Whole House Comfort Controls
Eliminates Overcooling and Overheating.
Wireless and Wired Controls.
Residential and Commercial Applications.
Currently Being Updated.
Available Soon.
Simple wireless remote thermostat for replacement applications.
Integrated thermostats for replacement or RNC applications control heating, cooling and the whole house fan using a single control.
Integrated thermostats easily upgrade to WiFi - No additional wiring.
Thermostats that go beyond heating and cooling
Comfort365 for New Construction
Comfort365 for Add On/Replacement
Whole House Fan Controls
Direct Damper Controls