Wireless Whole House Fan Remote Control
with Timer or Temperature Control
Eliminates installing and wiring a line voltage timer and speed control. Saves about 45 minutes to an hour installation time.
Homeowner Peace of Mind - The whole house fan turns on only when the homeowner sets the fan to on from the RT2 and the RT2 automatically turns the fan off in the morning if the homeowner forgets.
Optional outdoor temperature sensor can be installed to delay whole house fan operation if the outdoor temperature is too warm to provide cooling.
Controls 1, 2 or 3-speed PSC or ECM fans.
Wireless control from anywhere in the home.
Eliminates having to get up or get out of bed to adjust or turn off a timer.
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Controls Make The Difference
Controls Make The Difference
Wireless remote thermostat uses temperature to control the WHF to improve comfort and energy efficiency.
Temperature control improves comfort and energy efficiency by never overcooling the home and only running the fan when necessary.
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Built-in Timer or Temperature Control.
FC3JU fan control is wired to and installed in the
electrical box on WHF
RM2 Radio Module installed near WHF.
RT2 control can be used anywhere in the home
Use the RTAK Add-On Kit to add wireless remote control to a timer installation. Simply plug in the plug&play splitter, plug in the timer and RM2 radio module into the splitter and put batteries in the RT2 wireless remote control. No additional line voltage wiring. See the WTK Wall Timer for more information.
Optional outdoor temperature Sensor
RT2 control can be used anywhere in the home
More Whole House Fan Controls Available
Use with Wall Timer for a complete WHF control system
Wall Timer WHF Control. Easily Add WiFi or Wireless Remote Control to timer installation.
WiFi Whole House Fan Control
with Timer or Temperature Control
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RT2 Wireless Remote Control
RM2 Radio Module
TS3 Outdoor Temperature Sensor
Plug&Play Splitter
7' Plug&Play Cable
Wireless Remote Control Add On Kit
Wireless Remote Control Installation
Wireless Remote Control Installation with Temp Sensor
Wall Timer and
Wireless Remote Control
The optional outdoor temperature sensor delays WHF operation if the outdoor temperature is too warm to provide cooling.
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