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WTT Wall Control
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User Manual
Model WTT
Includes WTT Wall Control and 50' Cable.
WTTK Installation Manual
WTTKWF Installation Manual
WTTKWL Installation Manual
Installation Manual
Model WTT
Wall Control with Temperature, Timer and Speed Control
A low voltage plug&play cable provided with the control is used to connect the fan to the WTT Wall Control, and eliminates the cost of Romex cable and the labor cost to wire a line voltage timer and speed switch.
Eliminates Line Voltage Wiring in the Wall
The WTT Wall Control is the only whole house fan control that enables a homeowner to add Remote or WiFi control to their wall control installation, giving the homeowner smart and convenient options in how they operate their fan.
Smart Options
FC3J Fan Control
Wired and installed in fan junction box.
WTT Wall Control
Installed in single, plastic retrofit gang box
Plug&Play Cable Included
Includes WTT Wall Control, FC3J Fan Control, RTT Remote, WLM Plugin Radio Module and 50' Plug&Play Cable.
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Optional Temperature Sensor
Used when plug&play Fan Control is already installed on the fan.
Includes WTT Wall Control, FC3J Fan Control, WFM Plugin WiFi Module, WiFi App and 50' Plug&Play Cable. (Phone not included)
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Model TS3J
Outdoor Temperature Sensor. Uses Plug&Play connection to WTT Wall Control.
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An optional outdoor temperature sensor can be installed and delays whole house fan operation if the outdoor temperature limit is
too warm to provide cooling. The outdoor temperature limit can be changed by the homeowner.
Uses a plug&play cable that connects to the WTT Wall Control.
Homeowners can use the built-in 1 to 12 hour timer. Or, use temperature control to improve comfort and energy efficiency. In temperature control, the fan cools the home to the comfort temperature set, just like a home's thermostat. Overcooling and running the fan longer than needed are eliminated. Homeowner no longer has to get up at night to turn the timer off because it's too cold or extend the timer because the fan turned off too soon.
One concern with temperature control is that the following morning, the homeowner will forget the fan is on and close up windows. The built-in safety timer will automatically turn the fan off the following morning just in case the homeowner forgets. 
Built-In Safety Features
Temperature or Timer Control 
A low voltage plug&play cable connects the wall control to the FC3J Fan Control wired and installed in the junction box on the fan. Depending on the fan manufacturer, the fan may be supplied with the FC3J already installed making installation completely plug&play.
Simple Installation
Remote or WiFi control can be added at anytime without having to go into the attic or giving up the wall control by using a low-cost plug-in module that plugs into the back of the WTT Wall Control.
Easy Add Remote or WiFi Control
For remote control, a WLM Radio Module plugs into the back of the wall control and the RTT Remote is used to control the fan from anywhere within the home. 
For WiFi control, a WFM WiFi Module plugs into the back of the wall control and your smart phone, tablet or PC is used to control the fan from anywhere.
Remote Control Add On. Includes WLM Radio Module and RTT Remote Control.
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Model WFM
WiFi Control Add On. Includes WFM WiFi Module and App. (Phone not included)
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Ideal for new installs or retrofitting a line voltage timer and speed switch
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